London Haul

Despite what little time we had, I did manage to do a little bit of shopping…


From Artbox in Covent Garden I picked up a Harro Panda tote bag (it was a tough choice between this and the Nyan Poop bag >.<), a Summiko Gurrashi notebook and a A4 Shima and Shima exercise book. I really like to collect cute notebooks! I also bought some snacks: Lotte Koala March Shibuya Honey Toast and some Puccho candy – melon and grapefruit flavour.


In Chinatown, I visited a supermarket called Oriental Delight. It opened half an hour after opening time, but there is a lot of snacks inside. I have started to like Matcha Latte and I am looking for a good instant version I can make at home. The Gold Kili version tastes nice but it is a little too much on the sweet side. My boyfriend really likes Lipton Milk Tea and it is really hard to find it in the UK, so when I saw it in the window I had to buy it! This comes in a multipack of 20 sachets, so it should keep him happy for a while! I can’t remember the name but there is a small shop with lots of cheap Chinese items. I saw this Hello Kitty coin bank which is on offer at £1.


Speaking of Hello Kitty, this is my Cutter and Squidge haul. I picked up some leaflets about the afternoon tea and the cakes that they do. The ribbon is what they used to tie the cutlery together, and I think it looks really cute! At the top I have the menu, and you get a free sheet of stickers with the afternoon tea. I also bought some badges (two I gave to my sister) and a Hello Kitty mug from the shop.


Last but not least, these are things from the Strand Palace Hotel I took away. There is some stationery, Zanyah toiletries, a free shower cap, Border biscuits, Nescafe coffee sachets and English Tea Shop teabags. In reception, they have a selection of newspapers and magazines which are up to date. I took Look (a favourite of mine), Harper’s Bazaar and Tatler.

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