Kawaii Box – July Box


Welcome to another opening of Kawaii Box! What did I get this month?



A Pusheen eye mask, Tohato Caramel Corn (yum) and a Happy Animal Pill Box.




A skipping rope, cat pen, hearts and bows stickers and a comb.


Jewellery seal deco stickers, Coris candy stick, Neko plush charm and a Fruit Day card case.

I was surprised by the inclusion of the Pusheen eye mask – I have never seen Kawaii Box use official merchandise before, so this was nice to see. As always, I love Tohato corn, and I had just finished off my last supplies, so this couldn’t come at a better time! The card case is stylish and something I can use day-to-day, and the Neko plush charm is just too cute!

The stickers aren’t my preference – I wouldn’t use these types of designs normally. Also the inclusion of the skipping rope and the comb seems more targeted towards young children. It seems cheap compared to the rest of the box, which on the whole, I quite liked.



Tofu Cute Snack Surprise!


For those who love Japanese snacks, this lucky cat bag from http://www.tofucute.com is a must have! Available in four sizes, ranging from the chibi size at £12.99 to the sumo size at £49.99, these bags contain a wide range of biscuits, sweets and chocolates.

Tofu Cute says that the actual value of the goods is greater than the price you pay, plus you get a cute kitty drawstring bag.

Last month, I ordered a sugoi bag at £19.99. I was amazed at what I received: a box set of ichigo Kit Kat, pack of two strawberry cheesecake Kit Kat, Meiji Melty Kiss blueberry chocolates, Tohato Caramel Corn, Lollipop DIY candy set, Kabaya panda chocolate biscuits, mango Pocky, grape flavoured chews and chocolate Pepero biscuits. There are good favourites such as the Kit Kat and Pocky and new things I liked. I really enjoyed the panda biscuits and the Caramel Corn. This is why it is so great – it gives you a chance to try new things!

Having finished everything I have ordered a Senpai bag and I am so excited! >○<