Hello Sushi!

I was looking for a birthday present idea when I stumbled on a tutorial for amigurumi sushi by NVKatherine.

I initially used the written tutorial pattern which is linked in the video description, but I would suggest using the video as it makes it so much clearer. The written tutorial didn’t make it clear that you had to make two pieces each for the toppings, so my pieces turned out a little different. However, it is generally an easy pattern (especially if you refer to the video tutorial), perfect if you are a crochet beginner.

So this is what I ended up making…what do you think?


Meiji Create-a-Gummy Sushi Bar

This is a DIY candy set from Meiji in which you can create your own gummy sushi pieces.

In the packet you get the pieces laid out. It is fairly easy to assemble, you just stick the gummy pieces together. The bottom layer gummies were stuck together in my set, so I had to get a fork to cut them apart.

The sushi pieces look cute and taste nice. The top pieces taste like strawberry and lemon. It isn’t as challenging or exciting as other DIY candy sets I have tried but it is easy to put together ans the end result is nice.

Yo! Sushi, Exeter

Having never been to a Yo! Sushi before, we decided to try the one in Exeter for lunch. When we arrived, it was very busy and we were seated at the bar in front of the chefs, with plates of sushi and other Japanese dishes travelling around us on the conveyer belt. This system means that we are more likely to take dishes (“Ooh this looks nice” (grabs) “Ooh this looks nice” (grabs) “Can you eat all this?” “Erm…yeah”) and so more likely to spend more, but it works well as novelty.

We were given a booklet which details all of the dishes available. Not everything in the booklet is on the conveyer belt – additional items can be ordered, cooked to order. This is something we didn’t realise until later on, after we spent a long waiting for ebi katsu and chilli squid to resurface on the conveyer belt. If you didn’t realise this, you would be forgiven for thinking that there is a lack of choice on offer. I think this is something that should be made clearer by the staff, especially to new visitors.


To drink, I ordered a matcha latte. Matcha is the new trend lately – boosting energy to the maximum in a healthy way as opposed to caffeinated drinks such as coffee.  Yo! Sushi do a cup of matcha latte for £1.80 – you can taste the matcha (not too overpowering) combined with the slight creaminess of the latte. It makes for a light and great tasting drink.

Initially, we started taking dishes off the conveyer belt, such as the ebi katsu, chilli squid, Japanese fish balls, all sorts of sushi and rice. I went a little crazy and started taking lots of dessert plates – strawberry and vanilla cheesecake mochi, chocolate mochi, matcha roll, dorayaki and Japanese cheesecake (so soft, so crumbly…. >.<). I was interested in the apple gyoza with salted caramel but this was not on the belt. If I wasn’t so full, I would have ordered it later.



Between the two of us, we ate a LOT of plates. Each dishes can range from £2 to £8 depending on the colour of the plates. We did go on Blue Monday however, where some of the higher cost plates are discounted to £2.80 each. If you visit later on in the week, you can use student discount to get 25% off your bill – not bad. However, fuelled by temptation of the lovely little dishes whizzing around us and the choice on the menu, we spent over £60! A pricey visit but I like the food and the experience. The staff were variable – some of the staff are more knowledgeable and confident than others. One waitress was very confused when we asked to order extra items and not very warm to us – I probably put this down to new staff training. Sitting in front of the bar (we were later moved on to sit down at a free table) means you can get first pick of the dishes and see the chefs working. However, there isn’t much space for dishes and you can hear chefs arguing, so I would recommend a table seat.

I would like to return here – I would probably go at a time where I can use my student discount and I would also order more items from the menu (where there is a greater choice).