KuPP, Exeter

Queen Street has recently undergone a transformation into the new area of modern dining. Many restaurants have opened there in the last few months which have introduced Exeter to different types of cuisine, one of them being KuPP, which specialises in Scandinavian food.

The restaurant looks impressive inside, but it is very quiet for a lunchtime. Other restaurants in the area have many people eating, but not this one. Although it isn’t busy, the staff haven’t checked the tables – there are crumbs on the seat, the seating isn’t straight and there is a fork missing from the cutlery sets. We have to wait a while before ordering, and when we do, we decide to go for the sharing platter. To drink, I go for an English Breakfast Canton Tea. The tea set up is quite nice – the teapot and mug looks good and I like the milk being in the glass bottle.

And this is the sharing platter! Sourdough bread, rabbit pate, crisp breads, Swedish meatballs, chorizo sausage roll, cheese, meats and salad. It was a bit mixed for me – the meatballs and sausage roll were delicious,  but I wasn’t amazed by the rest. At £25 for one sharing plate, I feel it is quite expensive for what you actually got.

I also ordered the skinny fries with a herb salt. These were good!

After we finished, we paid at the counter. They sell a lot of pastries and cakes and they do a good deal for a pastry and a hot drink.

The food, in my opinion, was nothing special and quite expensive. This may be because of the particular dish I ordered. If I was to return, I would order something from the regular menu. However, there is a lot of competition in the surrounding area with Absurd Bird and Terrace restaurant, I may be more likely to go to these places instead. The service, although a little slow, was friendly, and the restaurant looks great inside.