Autumn in York Part 3

The next day we walked around York (the weather was a little better). We went to York Cocoa House and the Earl Grey Tea Rooms.

York Cocoa House is completely devoted to chocolate – they make their own chocolates, run chocolate making workshops, invent their own chocolate desserts and savoury dishes. The cafe was full, and we had to wait ten minutes before we could be seated.

The menu contains a history of chocolate in York, and a list of teas and hot chocolates, afternoon tea, snacks and meals.

I ordered the orange hot chocolate to drink. Each drink is served with a “chocolate of the day” – lemon truffle, a nice touch although I am not too keen on lemon. The waitress spilt a little of my drink when she carried it over. She seemed a little nervous, I think perhaps she was a new waitress. To eat, I ordered a goats cheese scone with cocoa nibs. It was quite rich and an unusual combination but something I glad I tried. It is quite a small portion size but I felt a little full afterwards! My sister had a chicken bagel with parma ham, basil pesto and a chocolate ganache. The salad also has some sort of chocolate sauce dressing on. She commented she couldn’t taste the chocolate that much in the bagel.

There is something quite unique about York Cocoa House which demands a visit at least once during your trip. The pricing is a little expensive but the experience is good. You also get a complimentary chocolate button with the bill. I would like to return to try one of the cakes or  desserts someday.

Later on, we made a stop at the Earl Grey Tea Rooms mid-afternoon. we intended to go to the Newgate Coffee Bar but they were full. Here I felt the pricing was expensive for what it is. The service is a little unfriendly, and the cake was served chilled – not to my liking.


Caramel Apple cake and House Blend tea