Morrisons Gingerbread House

We recently got one of these Gingerbread House DIY sets from Morrisons, which looks very Christmassy. The photo on the box looked very impressive, I doubted I could recreate this look!

…And despite my efforts, I could not! I tried my best!

Included in the box are the gingerbread, plastic tray, packet of white icing and assorted sweets for decoration. The icing is already pre-made but requires you to massage it for 1 minute to soften it. However, I needed longer than this because the icing was still too hard.

The gingerbread house comes in six pieces which are assembled with help of the plastic tray and some icing. This was fairly easy to do! The gingerbread smells delicious that I have to impose some self-control and not eat it…

The tricky bit (and messy) was decorating the house. I found icing was difficult to do – sometimes it was too hard to get out of the bag, and sometimes it would not stick to the gingerbread itself! Trying to ice the windows and doors was a nightmare!

So in the end, this was the result of my efforts! It didn’t really look like the picture at all! Maybe it was just me? I had a look at other people’s efforts on Instagram and they look amazing! I think I am not suited to this kind of thing…And I ate one gingerbread man during the making of this house. He was delicious.

“What a lovely house for the three of us! Wait!…Where’s Gary? He was here just a minute ago?…”

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