Pokemon Tony Moly Facemask

Tony Moly, a well known Korean cosmetics brand popular for their high quality and unique packaging, recently released a collaboration with Pokemon. This new range includes hand lotion, shower gels, cosmetic bags and other make up.

I saw these Pokemon facemask sheets. Apply to damp skin and the sheets will improve your skin! Each Pokemon sheet has a different scent and use.

Bulbasaur is a green tea sheet good for cleaning pores. Charmander is grapefruit to brighten the skin.

Pikachu is a honey mask sheet which moisturises the face. Meowth is vanilla and gives nutrition to skin. Squirtle is a hydrating sheet with lotus extracts.

Yesstyle sells these about £3.50 for one sheet, but you can buy cheaper elsewhere. I bought a set of 5 different Pokémon sheets for £9.35 from Seoulcosmetics on Ebay. This includes free shipping from Korea and arrived fairly quickly (within 2 weeks). I cannot wait to try these!

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