It’s nearly Christmas!

November is coming to an end, which means it is nearly time to start our advent calendars! (Unless you caved in and opened them all already, in which case it is an excuse to buy another!) Over the past few years, there is a growing trend for unusual advent calendars, filled with beauty products, dog treats and bottles of gin as opposed to the traditional chocolates. They are often higher priced but they do make a nice gift for loved ones.

The main thing I like about Christmas (apart from spending time with family, of course) is the food. There is nothing quite like Christmas at any time of the year, where we just overload ourselves with meats, vegetables, cake, and so forth. It really is a fabulous feast. Restaurants and takeaways have cottoned onto the popularity of Christmas and have brought out their own Christmas menus. McDonalds have their own Christmas menu which includes a really cheesy burger, fried cheese or a spicy chicken burger. Nothing really Christmassy about that but the price is much higher than normal!

The Christmas markets are good to visit – a selection of local arts and crafts, and food stalls! I recently went to the Exeter Christmas Market which was good but you get spectacular markets at Bath and London!

Although I am working through the Christmas holidays, I have Christmas Day off so I am happy to celebrate! We have put up some decorations, now it is time to buy Christmas presents for friends and family!


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