Yesstyle Beauty Mini-haul

I have shopped with Yesstyle a few times over the past couple of years. The items on sale are more of a different variety and sizing to what you would in UK’s high street shops. As a Chinese girl, I find some of the clothes don’t suit me nor fit me very well, so I recommend Yesstyle if you are looking for something a bit different.

Yesstyle don’t only sell clothes but they sell lifestyle accessories and beauty products. The next two posts are about items I bought recently which fall into those two categories.

I originally bought some Hello Kitty Wet Wipes (no longer available on the website) only to be told that the item had been cancelled because it was found to be defective (I was told at the last minute after waiting nearly a month!). However, when I received my parcel I was surprised to find that they had been sent! Should I use these or not?…Yesstyle didn’t really comment on why it was defective, the Hello Kitty cover is not attached, is that why?

There is a lot of Hello Kitty make up on the site. I thought the nail polish bottle looked really cute and I selected gold as a party shade. On close inspection, the nail polish is quite small and there is slight marking on Hello Kitty’s face which cannot be cleaned off. However, the colour of the polish is nice and it applies well.

Tony Moly is a popular cosmetics brand in South Korea – as well as being high quality make up, the packaging and design are really cute and unusual! I bought the perfume bar which is shaped like a bunny. It is quite small but the scent is strong, so you wouldn’t have to apply a lot.

At the time, Yesstyle were doing the Daily Free Gifts promotion. The selection was a bit hit and miss but with this parcel I received a cat ears headband, which is useful for cleansing your face, applying make up or if you want to look like a cat. This is very snug and tight, but with increased usage over time, it should loosen a little.

As mentioned before, it took nearly a month for my parcel to arrive because I was waiting of another item. If you want to avoid the wait, only buy from the ready-to-ship items! The customer service is slightly bizarre. Having waited so long, it was only upon shipping that Yesstyle revealed that they had cancelled the Hello Kitty wet wipes. I wonder why they didn’t try to source an alternative one during that time! Another thing to note is that the price and quality varies between the different stores on the site – shop around and look at customer reviews before you buy. If you are a frequent shopper, you can get loyalty points as part of the Elite Club system – the more points you get, the higher the level you are. This can bring you bigger discounts as well as shopping vouchers to use.


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