Yesstyle Accessories & Lifestyle Haul! 

Welcome to Part 2 of my Yesstyle Haul! This is about the accessories and stickers I bought from Yesstyle!

Recently, I bought a Molang diary from Ebay. These stickers I got will go perfectly with my diary and are excellent for journal planning and scrapbooking. One set comes with 8 sticker sheets, which is good value. There are two sets on sale at OH.LEELY – look here and here. Molang is so cute! ❤

It is getting colder so socks are very important at this time of year! My sister likes bears so I thought these socks from Fairyland will be ideal for her. Around the site, I also spotted some cat socks from NANA, which I thought looked cool and has a lot of positive reviews!

ITS’ DEMO is famous in Japan for its collaborations with well known characters and making cute make up, accessories and lifestyle items. As far as I know, Yesstyle is the only store you can buy their items from in the UK, and they are a little expensive compared to other brands. The Pokemon range with Eevee, Pikachu and Slyveon is so cute that I wanted to buy everything (but I couldn’t). I eventually decided on this Pikachu necklace, where Pikachu is posing with a surfboard, ready to go to the beach.

Again as part of the Daily Free Gifts promotion I received another freebie – this time some star earrings, which are quite unique in style. I am not too sure of the quality and how long they will last but I really love the design and how they go across the ear.

I was looking for a storage box to keep things in order in my room and I saw this printed storage box from FUN HOUSE. It comes in different sizes and prints – I chose the small whale one, which looks really stylish and can actually fit quite a lot inside. You have to assemble the box yourself but this is easy to do. The white cord at the front comes separate too so you have to attach it. I simply tied it in, it isn’t too important how you fit it in as it is purely for decoration. There is one drawback. When I received the item it comes sealed in a plastic bag, but there seemed to be tiny bits of leaves inside. It makes me wonder how they store and pack these items in the warehouse…

Last thing to mention is this Panda Desk Clock from Lazy Corner. It looks really nice in the photo on the website but when I received it I was a little disappointed. The paintwork is a little off, and there is a bit of plastic you push to open the battery cover which had snapped off. It is easy to injure yourself on the sharp plastic if you want to change the batteries. The clock runs a little louder than normal, so if you are a light sleeper it is one to avoid…or just don’t keep it in your room. The alarm is bizarre – various animal noises! I have also noticed that the clock is running a little slow, whether this is because of the clock motor or battery power I am unsure.

There are some positives – the clock is large and easy to read, and the snooze light is nice and bright. I do feel it is overpriced for what I actually received, however.

Have you bought anything from Yesstyle recently? Tell me about your experiences!

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