Kawaii Ebay Haul!

I got a Nectar voucher for Ebay so I thought I would buy some more cute things!

On the far left is a lucky cat coin purse. It has a bell so you can also find it in your bag!

I also bought some Sumikko Gurashi sticker flakes designed by San X. They are simply adorable! 

I have a lot of cards in my bag so to keep organised I bought a card holder from Sanrio to keep them altogether. I love Pom Pom Purin, I even have a handbag so why not get the card holder to match? 😊 

The card holder has a zip up pocket and an outer pocket. The zip up pocket can be a little snug which makes it hard to fit a lot of cards inside but the outer pocket works well – perhaps keep important cards inside and other cards in the outer pocket. It is fairly cheap and the artwork is cute.

The last thing I bought was a Molang Diary. I have seen these in various websites and I have always thought they look cute but never bought one. If you are looking for one, I would suggest using Ebay as you can buy them cheaper. 

I bought the small diary in blue for just under £5 (yesstyle sells them for just under  £9). The actual weekly planner is undated so you can use it at any time rather than one specific year only, just the yearly calender is dated. I bought a 2016-2017 diary but I did see 2014-2015 diaries on sale at a cheaper price. These are still usable as the weekly planner is undated.

The pictures inside the diary are cute and the is a pocket at the front so you can keep notes or small cards in.

Ebay is great for finding kawaii items, I would recommend using it for small items, stationery and small accessories. The prices are cheap although a lot of the items ship from China and South Korea, so they take a little longer to arrive than buying nationally. Having said that, most the items arrived within 2 weeks except the purse, which took about a month. Always check the feedback ratings to make sure you are buying from a reputable seller! Happy shopping!

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