Kawaii Box – August Edition

The last Kawaii Box I received in my three month subscription arrived at the beginning of September. This time, I got…

Duck letter writing set, diamond gel pen, sushi sticker set, glasses hairclip and lipstick eraser…

Cupcake pouch, phone bumper, bunny stationery set and a set of rings…

Octopus DIY Candy set, ice cream keyring and a lolly plush charm.
This box wasn’t perfect. The rings seem cheap, they arrived broken and it is not something I would wear anyway. The phone bumper states it is only used for iPhone 3, which is a very old phone! I struggle to put it on my own phone so I fail to see what use this is for! Maybe a weird, oversized bracelet?

The things I always like in the Kawaii Box are the cute stationery and snacks, this time is no exception. I always feel excited to use the DIY candy sets, and the duck letter set has got me into writing more letters to my friends and family – a much cuter way to communicate!

This month’s box was disappointing. I feel there are more cheap, low quality items which are more targeted to a younger audience, which seems to continue with each box. I wouldn’t mind if there were less but higher quality items. It feels like it is more a case of quantity over quality, which is a shame as I have been a really big fan in the past.


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