Weekend Box – Fun activities for kids!

Weekend Box (www.weekendboxclub.com)  is a subscription box which includes items and ideas for kids’ craft projects and encourage creativity. The timescale and the price are adjustable according to your needs: you can pay £15.00 for fortnightly boxes or £7.50 for monthly boxes. I tried this for free through Quidco, and I was sent two boxes. The boxes can be personalised with your child’s name which is a good idea.


The box is very well designed as is the concept. It circles around 4 characters who represent a different feature of arts and craft, such as Hattie the Hedgehog who is a fan of gardening.


It includes a certificate for your child after they have completed the box. On the website, there is also a feature which allows you to track your child’s progress and unlock free features and items. If you are a regular user, you will find this really useful.


In each box you get activities and items to use for those activities. In this fortnightly box, I got 4 packs. Other items are required which aren’t available, but they are usually something you have already in the house.


Each activity pack is easy to read and do, with pictures and step-by-step instructions.


The Weekend Box is one of a recent number of subscription boxes catering to the field of kids arts and crafts. Toucan Box is another one I have seen on the market. However, I think the concept and the structure is really clever, and it will really appeal to kids. The use of the online interaction is another feature which makes the subscription worthwhile.


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