London Part 8: National Portrait Gallery and Covent Garden


We headed to the National Portrait Gallery next (just outside is the Mermans fountain). My sister is a great lover of art and this is the place to be. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to look at everything in details, which just goes to prove how much there is to see.


Lots of famous painters are here from all periods of history and you can see the change of subject matter and styles as the displays get more modern. It is hard to navigate, so I would suggest paying £1 for a map. If you have a great interest in art, I would also suggest getting an audio guide for a small charge. Unfortunately, there were no more guides in English at the time. The museum is free to enter so it makes a great and inexpensive spot to visit.

Nearby is Nelson’s Column.


During out short trip, I wanted to go to Covent Garden – it is very good for shopping. In particular, I wanted to go to Artbox, a shop that sells lots of cute items from Japan and Korea. Artbox now features a Tofu Cute concession stand…my favourite online shop for snacks and cute stuff!


Everything is really cute that it took me a long time to decide what to buy! Items in this shop are a little more on the dear side because they are imported from Japan and Korea, but they are really unique.


Then we headed off to Shoryu Ramen to eat. Look, each table has garlic on the side!


When we first entered, we were taken aback when all the staff loudly greeted us in Japanese and someone sounded the gong. It is certainly something I have never experienced in the UK before!


Heh heh.


My sister was feeling brave and ordered the flight of sakes (£6.50 for 3). The waiter talked about the taste of each one and recommended the order they should be drank in.


I went for the summer set menu at £22. This includes a Japanese inspired cocktail (Yuzu Mojito)…


Chicken Hirata bun…


and Shoryu Ganso Tonkotsu. The broth was so lovely!

The food was delicious and the service was friendly and warm. I was left feeling so full I sadly had no room for dessert, which looked really good! As we left, everybody said bye to us in Japanese!



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