London Part 7: A Kawaii Afternoon!

When reading the Stylist magazine app, I was excited to read about the Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea that Cutter and Squidge, Soho were hosting. There has never been anything like this in the UK before, and I wanted to go so bad! I managed to make time (near my birthday) and reserved a table online for my sister and I.

Cutter and Squidge pride themselves on using natural ingredients. Unlike other cakes, they only use food colouring made out of fruit and vegetables and they don’t add any artificial flavours to their food. A lot of the choices on the menu are gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian, so they can cater for dietary requirements.


Upon arrival we were given a bottle of pink lemonade each, with a Hello Kitty straw, and we were shown to the Hello Kitty Secret Garden. It looked like something out of a book. On the walls are pictures of Hello Kitty and her friends. The carpet is an astro-turf like material and there are hedges and vines, and a sneaky monkey in one corner. Plus it has my new best friend, AIR CONDITIONING!

Not long after, we ordered our tea. I opted for Fine Earl Grey, which was lovely and strong. And now…the food! As you expect, everything is Hello Kitty themed.

The food is brought out in stacked steamers, something I normally associate with yum cha and dim sum. First off, sandwiches! Kitty’s Snacktime Sandwiches include cucumber and team cheese, hummus and pepper, cheese and red onion and smoked salmon and chives.



This is followed by scones. Normally in an afternoon tea, you are given sweet scones but here you get savoury cheese scones, which are warm and delicious! To go with it is some cream cheese and red pepper relish. There is also a Hello Kitty coronation cracker.


Now we move to the sweet stuff. We have strawberries (I assume the dipping sauce is in the next steamer), chocolate cake truffle, Mimmy’s Pink Lemonade Marshmallow (not a fan of this one) and Mimmy’s Very Berry (although this one tasted like lychee) Jelly Kiss.


Next, we have the dipping sauces – chocolate and matcha (this one was so tasty!), the Strawberry Milkshake Biskie (the Biskie is a speciality of Cutter and Squidge – a cake/biscuit sandwich with sweet cream in the middle) and a Hello Kitty cookie.


Finally, to finish off is the Kitty’s Chocolate Mud Pie (Chocolate cake sandwich finished off with gold flakes and chocolate Hello Kitty button) and Mama’s Apple Pie Mousse, with a touch of cinnamon. Unfortunately, by this stage I was too full to finish so I packed the rest for takeaway to eat later that evening!


For £40 each, you get all of this, and unlimited refills of food (if you can fit it in!) and drink. Also included is ice cream, which we were given after we left. On the top floor, there is also a small shop with Hello Kitty merchandise.

Overall, I enjoyed this – the experience was amazing and the attention to detail paid is fantastic. The food looks fantastic – my only problem was some of the sweet food was a little too sweet, but the rest was really tasty. I had read reviews of people complaining about the service and how they felt rushed. At the time we went, it wasn’t very busy (this was a month after they opened the afternoon tea) so we had no problems about being rushed. The service was friendly and fantastic. The price is expensive so it isn’t something I would do frequently, but for a one time special experience, I had a great time!

Here are some more photos!


A blurry photo of a Hello Kitty hedge.


A Hello Kitty tree stood next to a Hello Kitty figure.


A Hello Kitty map of London. Hmm…where shall we go next?


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