London Part 6: The Tower of London

Day 2 of our time in London, we woke up early and went to the Tower of London at 9am in order to make the most of our time. Already there are lots of people queueing. We bought our tickets online to save time, my ticket cost £16 for one concession.




I also saw one of these outside the Tower of London. As part of the release of the new film, The BFG, a few of the displays are scattered around the city for promotion. This one depicts Simon Cowell’s dream, about animals.




There is a lot to see here, many different parts of the building house different displays and features. The first spot we headed to was to see the Crown Jewels (no cameras allowed inside!). The jewellery and the ornate detail of the coronation equipment is a wonder to behold, and I couldn’t help but stand in awe of the items!

Another part I found really interesting was the Royal Beasts exhibition. During the Victorian times, it became very popular to house “exotic” animals in the tower. The animals were seen as wondrous and amazing, but were often mistreated knowingly and unknowingly. Some animals were made to fight for the spectators’ amusement, or taught to smoke cigarettes because it looked “funny” to the public. The people in charge didn’t have much knowledge of the animals they cared for – one seal was fed jam sandwiches!



A lot about the military is on show here. There is information on the history of the different wars that have taken place, the structure of the army, and the equipment and strategies that they used when in battle.


Some equipment was designed as a gift for high ranking officials. This display shows guns decorated with Swarovski crystals and designed by top designers.

Overall, we spent a good few hours here and managed to take a look at the majority of things. This was a very hot day, so midway we bought an ice cream, which instantly melted. Mmm…ice cream puddle.

Just outside, you can see the Tower Bridge. And then we headed off to Soho for our Hello Kitty Afternoon tea!…



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