London Part 5: The Japan Centre

I am a huge fan of Japanese food, culture and snacks. When I was researching places to see before my trip, the Japan Centre came up. Located on Shaftesbury Avenue, a few minutes from Piccadilly Centre Underground, it has everything for fans of Japan – fresh food (hot and cold), fresh desserts, bakery, cooking ingredients, sake, magazines and cds, tea, vegetables and fruits, and so on. I only wish I could come here all of the time!


Ramune Soda is a very popular drink. It is flavoured lemonade in a uniquely designed bottle. At the top, there is a marble, which you need to push down with the plastic stopper to release the drink. Be careful not to shake the drink too much before opening – it can get a little messy as I found out! Taste wise it is nice, not overly sweet – I bought orange and melon.


The Japan Centre also do a lot of different desserts and ice creams. I like green tea, so I wanted to try a green tea cheesecake. I tried a Japanese cotton cheesecake last month, so I saw a vanilla soufflĂ© cheesecake, which is so soft and crumbly and light – so delicious!


I have tried Japanese Kit Kats before, they are so different to ones in England! They are smaller in size and come in a variety of flavours, which don’t tend to be as sweet as the chocolate ones you find here. I bought a bag of sweet potato Kit Kats. I also got some Kabaya Saku Saku Panda cookies, which I am a big fan of already. I am also a big fan of Tohato Caramel Corn, flavoured corn grits which are very moreish. I bought two flavours I haven’t tried – Condensed milk azuki and almond.


AND I LOVE THE BAKERY!!! I wanted to buy so much! In the end, I settled for these character buns – Rilakkuma *chocolate*, Hello Kitty *chocolate, and half price* and Totoro *custard*. You can also buy red bean Anpanman and Doraemon bread buns. These are so yummy and cute – they made a good late night snack/breakfast!



***ahhhh hello kitty!****

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