London Part 4: Giraffe Restaurant, Southbank Centre

After a long day walking we were getting a little tired and hungry, so we decided to try Giraffe Restaurant at the Southbank Centre. Giraffe is a nationwide chain which is quite popular. On the menu, there is a wide choice of food from different world cuisines.

The place was very busy. We were seated inside and I found it very hard to listen to my conversations! We had to wait a long time before we ordered our drinks and food.


To drink, I ordered a Wavebreaker, a mix of coconut and pineapple juice. Presentation-wise it looked nice, but the jar was really sticky on the outside. My sister asked for a fresh glass as hers had some marking on. The waitress then proceeded to argue with her before getting a different glass, which had marking on!

The food itself came very quickly. My sister ordered the Chilli Beef Burrito and I ordered the Chicken Katsu Noodles, which was cooked with Satay Sauce. I can’t comment on how well the burrito tasted, but my dish was very bland – no true taste or flavour whatsoever.



Not surprisingly, I didn’t feel like I wanted any dessert so I asked for the bill. We waited a long time for a member of staff to take our payment. A nearby waiter was setting the table next to us, so I gave the cash to him. He wouldn’t take it, and rudely shouted at me to leave it on the table. I have never had such a bad service before at a restaurant!

Food was awful, service (apart from one waitress) was horrible and unfriendly, price is too expensive for what it was (and a service charge is included) – I just had a bad, forgettable time here. I left here feeling very annoyed.

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