Pokemon Go!

Ever since the news broke that Pokemon Go was to be released, I have been very excited to play this game! Pokemon first came out in the late nineties when I was growing up so it holds a lot of childhood memories for me. I used to watch the anime on TV (the first season is the best in my opinion!), collect the trading cards and buy the merchandise (I owned a bag of Pokemon marbles!). Since then, although Pokemon is still popular, it never hit the crazy heights as it back then. Until now.

Pokemon Go has everybody in love with Pokemon again. When the game first came out, it was all over the news and the internet. Everytime I go out, there are always many people of various ages playing the game, and I am one of them. I have been playing for about a month now and have reached level 19!

One of the highlighted features of the game is the use of the camera for AR (Augmented Reality) purposes. It allows the player to catch the Pokemon using the visual captured through the camera, making it seem like the Pokemon is in real life in front of you. You can also take pictures, because everyone likes to capture the moment. Some users on Twitter has taken photos of Magikarp in a frying pan or a Pidgey talking to a pigeon.

I didn’t manage to catch such amazing shots but I have taken a few photos of Pokemon. These photos are from Bideford and London.


Dratini outside East of the Water Restaurant, Bideford


Lickitung ready to fight at Victoria Park!


Golduck came to visit!


Weedle on the steps of Bideford Quayside


Magikarp enjoying the view on the London Eye


Clefairy at the Tower of London


Hitmonlee at the Canons at the Round, Bideford


Growlithe at Victoria Park, Bideford


Golem at Victoria Park, Bideford


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