Waku Waku DIY Candy

Japanese DIY Candy sets are very popular – some are very inventive and clever in their ways to help you make some sweet candy! I recently got a few sets from my Tofu Cute Lucky Bag. Today’s post is the Waku Waku DIY Candy set, which allows you to make soft chewy animal lollipops.


Included in the set are some plastic moulds, 4 lollipop sticks and two tubes of soft candy – one pink strawberry and one yellow lemon flavoured. Instructions are in Japanese on the back of the packet, but there are pictures diagrams too. If you need things making clearer, there are various tutorials on Youtube which are helpful – just search Waku Waku DIY Candy.


So the aim is to use the soft candy tubes, which are like modelling clay, to make the pattern of the lollipop (in this edition we have a panda and a giraffe). This included making tiny balls for the eyes, paws and ears – which is very fiddly! Then complete with the alternate colour to make the body. Fill in the other half and then compress the two sides together, insert the lollipop stick and hey presto, you should have a ultra cute animal sweet!

My problem is that I am not a refined person nor very nimble with my fingers so I ended up with a bear-like monster. It doesn’t look like the one on the packet at all haha.


The second animal to make is the giraffe, and if you thought making the balls for the eyes and paws was tricky, take a look at the back of the giraffe! Lots of time and patience required! I ended up with something like this…




This feels like one of the more trickier DIY candy sets – in theory it sounds simple, but in practice, it was a little difficult and quite frustrating. Someone with a steady hand and patience might like this and get good results but not for me. The taste of the animal sweets was quite nice – very fruity. The moulds are quite cute in themselves too.


Japanese DIY Candy sets are quite varied and there are some that I have tried which I quite like. The fun is more in the making of the sweets but I didn’t quite like this one, but it tasted ok.


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