Kawaii gardening!

Whilst browsing through Firebox.com, I saw two animal planters – one from Chuppon and one from Peropon. They retail on the website for £9.99, but I managed to buy them from eBay for a couple of pounds each, free shipping from China included.


The Peropon Kitty planter grows clover. It takes water through the cat’s tongue to help the plant grow. The Chuppon Bunny planter hangs at the edge of a glass filled with water, which is absorbed through the straw to help the mint plant grow. The webpage did say that the Chuppon plant would grow Wild Strawberry so I was a little puzzled to see it arrive with mint seeds!

The instructions are in Chinese but the diagrams are fairly helpful to aid you in setting it up. The “magic soil” needs to be soaked in water so it expands, plant the seeds in, fill the water tray and the cat can start drinking the water.


The Chuppon planter is similar in set up with the only difference is you hang the planter on the edge of a glass half full with water. The bunny will “drink” the water through the straw and mint will grow! Supposedly…


I am not sure whether these will grow very well but I am interesting in having a try. I have set these up in the corner of my room and I am waiting for plant life, The planters are very cute and easy to care for. I will let you know how it goes … :p


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