Kawaii Box – June Edition

Kawaii Box is a subscripton box that promises the cutest items from Japan and Korea to be delivered to you every month. I have subscribed to this box in the past and have currently taken out a new three month subscription. Compared to similar boxes, the price is not too expensive (about £13ish per box, including free shipping). So what did I get for my first month?


  • Watermelon purse – really cute and perfect for summer!
  • Kawaii animals pouch – the design is really nice and the item is quite practical
  • Pom pom pen – a stylish item to add to your pencil case



  • Plastic bear bag charm – for me, it doesn’t look that nice but others might appreciate it
  • Ice cream charm – again I am not such a fan of this; it isn’t the sort of thing I would attach to my bag
  • Harajuku bow hairclip – I like the light blue colour of the bow, the coloured spots not so much
  • Fresh Kiwi Juice fan – this fan is quite unusual in its design. The various paddles have a “fresh kiwi juice” design which is cute and perfect for summer! The fan can be closed to fit in your handbag.
  • Bear Pocket Mirror – I like the bear’s face – it is so cute! This would be something I would carry in my bag




  • Kabaya Panda Cookies – I was so happy to see this…I really like them – panda shaped biscuits with milk and white chocolate. The biscuits usually have different panda faces on, but unfortunately, when I opened the box, all the biscuits had melted together! Instead of little cute panda faces, it was one big panda-ish glob 😦 They still taste great but I was a little disappointed…
  • Fruit Stickers – I like food with cute faces on 🙂
  • Korean Deco Glitter Set – this is ideal for those who like arts and crafts
  • Elephant Mini Plush – I usually like these sort of things but not really a fan of elephants

This is bit of a mixed bag for me – some of the items I really liked such as the fan, mirror and stickers. Some of items I didn’t like, such as the plastic bear charm. I was really sad to see that my panda cookies had melted together too. In the past, I really rated Kawaii Box as a great service. Yet with all subscription boxes, you have to consider that you won’t like all of the items – it depends on the monthly choice. Perhaps I will love next month’s box…


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