Tofu Cute Maneki Neko Senpai Lucky Snack Bag

I ordered this lucky snack bag from This is the senpai size priced at £29.99


In this bag I got:

3 × Glico Pretz biscuits – blueberry cheesecake, butter and match a and vanilla

3 × Glico Pocky – mango mousse, cookies and cream and chocolate banana

1 x Hi Chew Grape Sweets

2 x Puccho Candy – Apple and Soda

2 x DIY candy sets – Horadekita (Apple) and Naru Naru Gumi No Mi Tree (Soda)

1 x Gudetama gummy sweets

1 x Kabaya Shaka Shaka Sweets

1 x Meiji Wattapachi Grape Popping Candy Floss

2 x Kit kat sets – bakeable sweet potato and kumamon green tea

A good selection – in particular I like the Puccho sweets and the new flavours of Kit Kat.


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