Asian Snack Time!


On my last visit to the Chinese supermarket, I bought a box of Lotte Custard Pies, Matcha flavoured Hello Panda and mango flavoured Caplico.

I quite like Lotte’s Choco Pies but the supermarket did not stock them, so I went for the custard ones instead – vanilla sponge cake with custard flavoured cream inside them. These taste ok, not too sweet, but I still prefer the Choco Pie.

I really like the Hello Panda biscuits – they are so cute! A lot of products are green tea/matcha flavoured these days, and now it is a new flavour for Hello Panda. I like the taste, but I feel I can’t eat too much.

Caplico is something I tried in a subscription box called Kawaii Box. It is a cone shaped biscuit with light mango cream – resembling a ice cream cone. This is a box of three. I have tried the strawberry flavour which is quite nice but I am not a big fan of the mango flavour – it is a little too sickly sweet.


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