Super Cute Box – November’s Christmas Special

So what goodies are included in this month’s Christmas themed box?


Cute Polar Bear photocard!


A pug Christmas card, a “magic Brussels sprout” Christmas card, lace tape and a polar bear charm/


Stickers, cake toppers, fingerless gloves, fairy lights and a Christmas tree light.



This month’s box is a little mixed for me. The gloves are slightly unusual – the design has the word “curly” written backwards – is this intentional. They fit well though. The Christmas tree light I can’t get to work, even though it comes with instructions, I can’t open the battery panel. The cake toppers is not something I would use. On the other hand, I love the star lights. Be warned it is metal wire, so be careful (I prodded myself a few times trying to untangle it), but the lights look impressive. The card designs are cute and as always, I love the charm!

There is only one box left in my subscription, which makes me a little sad but I am eager to see what it is. Will it be New Years themed?

Happy Christmas everyone!


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