Autumn in York

Last month, I made a trip to York to visit my sister. The day started off with blue skies before descending into deep rainfall, strong winds and cold temperature. Nevertheless, there are plenty of things to do on a day when the weather was awful!

We stopped off at Costa Coffee first. They have their Christmas collection of hot beverages and cakes in store at the moment. I had the caramel fudge hot chocolate and the billionaire tart, finished off with gold dusted biscuit balls. A very indulgent chocolate treat!

Afterwards we walked past York Castle and into the York Castle Museum.

York Castle Museum has different exhibitions: a Victorian high street, a toy museum and a war museum. It is priced at £10 for over 25s and £5 for adults under 25.

It is a great way to spend a few hours – there is so much to see. So much effort has gone into recreating the Victorian street scene; the detail they go into is incredible. The street will go from light to dark to imitate night and day. Night time sees the children emerge from the top windows with candles. The use of sound (storm clouds, horses neighing, children laughing) make it seem more realistic. The staff on hand are friendly and able to answer any questions you may have. The toy museum is great as well, bringing me back to my childhood as well as showing how toys and entertainment has changed throughout history.

York is well known for its cakes and cafes, with the most famous tea room being Bettys. There are two Bettys – we went to the larger one. This one seems to be the most busier of the two: the queue was long (the day after, when I walked past, the queue snakes around the corner past two or three shops!) which is indicative of its high reputation.

There is hot food as well as freshly made cakes (see the cake trolley – they look amazing!). I ordered the afternoon tea (priced about £18), this includes: a selection of mini cakes (fruit tart, opera cake and engedine macaroon), a fruit scone with jam and cream and a selection of sandwiches. Tea is also included. Apart from the opera cake (not to my liking sadly – just taste preference I think), I enjoyed it.20151113_150538


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