Autumn in York Part 2

The Christmas decorations are already out in York. This display (Thomas Bakery) caught my eye.


For evening entertainment, we decided to go to the cinema.


The Picture House cinema was very busy when we went in. After much deliberation, we settled on Steve Jobs. At £10 for an adult ticket, I felt it was a little dear compared to other cinemas. The movie itself wasn’t fantastic. I felt the story was a little weak but the acting was great, good enough to want me to see the story through to the end.

For dinner we went to Byron, a burger restaurant.

I had the classic burger (served with a pickle on the side) and we shared macaroni cheese and sweet potato fries. At first, we were missing the sweet potato fries we ordered. The waitress said that they were not on the order but said we could have them free of charge. The food was good. I have been craving macaroni cheese for a long time, and the sweet potato fries were surprisingly tasty, and moreish. Although I asked for a medium to well done burger, the burger was a little pink.

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