Super Cute Box – Halloween Edition


This box kicks off a three month subscription from Super Cute Box. I missed it so much I returned! October’s box is a Halloween special. I was greeted with a card with two fat ghosts and a fat cat. Haha 🙂


This month’s box is slightly larger, which did leave me wondering why – a sign of larger goodies?

First is this T-shirt. I don’t normally wear the colour black but I can’t help but smile at the print – really cute and funny.


Another reason for the large box might be because of this Rilakkuma file. Rilakkuma is always a favourite of mine and this file could be of good use too.


Also included is a black heart clip, a crocheted pumpkin badge and a black cat pocket mirror, all very Halloween!



Again, there is also the bracelet charm for subscribers. This month is the fat white ghost. Also included, which I didn’t expect, is the bacon and eggs charm which I missed out on last month (a trial box). A lovely surprise!

These boxes are getting better and better each month and I am excited for next month!

UPDATE: Super Cute Box just tweeted me to say they read my last blog post and how I really wanted the bacon and eggs charm, which is why they added it in this month’s box! How’s that for customer service? 🌟


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