Halloween treats, a dog and some cakeeeeeeee!


So this week’s collection begins with Barnstaple Coffee Shop. They have added a new Chocolate Orange cake to their range, and I love this one so much! The sponge is chocolate orange flavoured itself, with orange biscuit balls and a slice of Terry’s on top.



It’s been a while since I last went to The Chocolate Teapot in Bideford. I was wanting some of their Eton Mess, but there was none available! Nevertheless, all of their traybakes look gorgeous and I treated myself to two – Aero Mint and Chocolate Orange (I have a bit of craving for chocolate orange haha). Definitely a must for chocolate lovers these traybakes are full of chocolate pieces inside too!


Back to Barnstaple, Green Lanes cafe had some Halloween specials last week. I had the Severed Finger Dog, £4.85 with chips. Whilst I applaud their efforts to get into the spirit (haha) of Halloween – having cut the hot dog like a finger – I was a little disappointed. It felt like a cheap poor quality meal to me, nothing really special. Now…if I was wanting a proper hot dog, I should look no further that the Ye Olde Fashioned Pork Hot Dog (priced at £7.45 with chips). This is a giant good quality sausage, from a local butchers, topped off with American mustard, tomato ketchup and red onion. This tasted great and a really good portion size as well! I really enjoyed this, and felt really full afterwards 🙂


Something else I saw in Tesco…for the Christmas season, Prosecco and Elderberry crisps? Whatttt?! Has anybody bought these?


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