Super Cute Box – September Box

Having taken a break, I used a promo code to get 30% off a one-off box from Super Cute Box. These boxes are always filled with many kawaii things and easy delivery (no need to sign or wait for the postman, it just simply drops through your letterbox!). The only difference is that this box doesn’t contain the bracelet charm.

As always, when you open the box you are greeted with a photocard featuring this month’s bracelet charm. This one is bacon and eggs, and I am sad that because it is a one-off box, I won’t be receiving this one!
So this month’s box features…
  • Panda Eye Mask – I have been wanting an eye mask for better sleep for a long time, so my prayers have been answered! Plus, it is a panda mask, which is a bonus.
  • Cute Cake Erasers – these look too delicious to eat!
  • Fruit headphone plug – useful for protecting your smartphone from dust. I received the orange edition. This item I wasn’t a big fan of; it looks very small and easy to break.
  • Unicorn earrings from innabox – these are quite quirky, I am interested to see the rest of their collection
  • Hello Kitty pen – well, who doesn’t love Hello Kitty?
  • Bird Peg – this has many uses – crafts, fashion, paperclip…functional as well as stylish
  • Macaroon – at first I thought it was a charm or decorative object but when I shook it, something rattled inside. Curious, I pulled apart the two sides and it revealed a purple origami star and a gold “love” necklace. This was a lovely surprise!
I have missed receiving these boxes and this one-off box is just a reminder of why! I have placed an order for a three month subscription, and I cannot wait!

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