Kawaii Box – September Edition

This is the last box in my three-month subscription and it is one that will be missed. One small grumble is that the box always seems to be squashed when it arrives at my doorstep. I am a little fearful that something will be broken or fall out, but thankfully this has never happened.

So in my last box…

  • Kabaya Fish Gummies – I really like the packaging. The sweets are ok – citrus flavoured.
  • Kawaii food sticker set – yummy
  • Moomin Purse – although I have never been a big Moomin fan, it does look quite good!
  • Fragrance beads – this is something I have never really seen before. The pot is really cute.
  • Thank You Dog greeting card
  • Squishy Bread Charm – kawaii charms are a favourite of mine, and this is another one to add to my collection!
  • DIY Jewellery Kit – something to fill my time with, it reminds me of when I used to love making bracelets when I was younger
  • Bunny Pen – this is supposed to be a “neck stretching bunny pen” which looks quite bizarre. It is something that will stand out in my pencil case
  • Alpaca Pouch – this is something that I can find a good use for, and I like the print
  • Caplico Ice Cream sweet – this is a biscuit cone with strawberry and chocolate cream. This tastes quite nice – not too sweet and not too heavy.
  • Egg Mini Plush – he looks so joyful!
What I have really liked about these boxes is that they are quite big, so you get a huge range of items of differing sizes. I also like the addition of Japanese and Korean sweets, some of which I have really found tasty. I will miss this box and I hope I can subscribe again in the future.

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