Snacks in September

Some food and drink photos from this month…


Macaroni Cheese with Garlic Bread, The Corner Cafe in Barnstaple. This was one of the specials priced at £3.50. This was delicious – portion size was just right and satisified my craving for cheese!


Victoria Sponge with a pot of Earl Grey tea, Barnstaple Coffee Shop. Again part of their afternoon tea deal. The filling is a little too sweet but the sponge was soft and fluffy.


All-day Breakfast Bap with Chips, Green Lanes Cafe. The bap includes bacon, egg and sausage. This is a filling and indulgent meal, very good value!


Driftwood Coffee Shop, Barnstaple. This is a caramel latte, priced at £3.00. The pricing is similar to Costa Coffee but the coffee here tastes amazing! The staff are very friendly. Driftwood also serves food as well – I saw another customer order a sandwich, and they are very big indeed!

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