Kawaii Box August Edition

Earlier this month, I received my second Kawaii Box and like July’s box, I absolutely adore the contents!


This month’s box includes…


  • Kawaii Neko Plush
  • Mini Pig Spray Bottle
  • Ice Lolly Squishy Charm


  • Alpaca Tin Case
  • Naru Naru Gumi Nomi DIY Candy Kit
  • Korean Deco Tape
  • Cute Polka Dot Shoelaces


  • Macaroon Ink Pen
  • Puffy Paradise Stickers
  • Dinosaur Pencil Tin
  • Cloud Note Set

What I like is that there is a great mix of items. The DIY Candy Kit was quite interesting – I have never tried one of these before, and the picture of the sweets looks cool. The instructions are in Japanese but there is a picture guide to folllow, or catch a tutorial on Youtube. They are fairly easy to use, although my grape tree had half of it missing (possibly due to my “special skills” haha). There isn’t one item that I don’t like, I would highly recommend subscribing to Kawaii Box if you love cute things!


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