Welcome to Kawaii box – July box

This is the first Kawaii Box I have received. Although it is for July, I just received it today. The box was slightly damaged but the contents were fine. I have opted for a three month subscription, making the boxes cost about £12 per month.



  1. DIY Candy Bracelet – this looks quite good, I can’t wait to try it!
  2. Squishy doughnut mirror – so cute…I want to eat it, and squish it, and look at my hair!


3. Korean Glitter Glue set – quite a big set, which I was surprised at. It is making me want to be more creative.

4. Caramel Popcorn pencil set – cute!!!

5. Rilakkuma note set – I love this bear! This folds out giving you an assortment of sticky notes and paper to write on. I like the head shaped ones!



6. Happy Alpaca keychain – I want to put this on my keys.

7. Mushroom plush charm – or I want to put this one on my keys…I can’t decide!

8. Flake Seal Stickers – pretty stickers, and there are quite a few in the box!


9. Link Toast Coaster – looking at this makes me smile

10. Pastel Pearl bracelet – I like the colours, and it is elastic rather than chain, so it will fit my (small) wrist well.

11. Cake eraser – too pretty to use!

When I opened this box, it made me very happy. There is so much included in this box, and I really love the items (some subscription boxes can be mixed). This is similar to Super Cute Box but this one is slightly cheaper. The only problem is the waiting – I subscribed in mid July and received the box near the end of August. These boxes do ship from abroad which can account for some of the wait. Overall, I do like this box and I am looking forward to next month’s!


One thought on “Welcome to Kawaii box – July box

  1. That’s one thing I failed to mention in my review — the wait. Every month I wait on pins and needles and keep waiting for it to arrive lol. I loved your review and am happy you’re a new subscriber! Stay kawaii!! 🙂


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