Out and about in Exeter

Some photos from Exeter…


This is a photo of a pancake from Buffet City. We went for lunch £5.95 per person. There is plenty of choice, although sadly not much that I liked. I found it a little bit greasy, overcooked and lukewarm. It is pretty much standard fare Chinese food, eat as much as you like. Desserts are also included, again a little uninspiring. One thing I like is the pancake station, which they cook and prepare in front of you. This is a chocolate and banana pancake.


This is a friendly bear in the cathedral quarter…and below are some shots of Exeter Cathedral. It was a lovely sunny day with blue sky!




I also did a bit of shopping – a box of macaroons from Patisserie Valerie (I was also going to buy some Portuguese egg tarts, but they had sold out when I returned!) and some chocolate from Hotel Chocolat.

20150804_013539 20150804_013741

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