Enjoying the sunshine in Croyde!

The sunshine made a spectacular appearance during our visit in Croyde, one of the most beautiful beaches in Devon. There is soft yellow sands, glittering blue sea, warm sunshine and ice cream! About fifteen minutes from the seaside are some small shops and places to eat. We went to the Blue Groove, which looks quite stylish inside. The lunch menu is a little limited in terms of hot food – we opted for the salmon fishcakes and beef burger. The food was nice, but a little expensive for what you get. There were also a lot of wasps around, which made eating quite uncomfortable. Another problem was ordering. There is only one person taking orders at the bar which can make the queues, and the wait, long.


There are also lush greenery and farms in Croyde.



We had a Cheeky Moo ice cream from a shop on the beach. At £2.75, it is a little dear, but I wonder if that is because it was at the beachfront. The ice cream itself was quite creamy and nice, but prone to melting so quickly in the hot weather. I had to race to finish it in time!


Finally, here are some shots of Croyde Bay at its best…










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