Super Cute Box – July Edition

So I received this month’s box a few days ago…


Like last month’s box, there is a cute photocard with an inspiring message. This month’s card features the monthly charm – the strawberry cake. I like to stick these to my wall to make me smile.

And this month’s box looks like this…as usual there is a lot of things packed in!


First of all is this Rilakkuma note set, which is very cute and practical. It opens up to reveal four writing pads.

20150727_145145 20150727_145205 20150727_145224

Gudetama is a famous cartoon character in Japan. This Gudetama plush keyring is very cute!


If you are a monthly subscriber to Super Cute Box, you will receive a charm bracelet with your first box. Every month after that, you will receive a charm to add on. This month is the strawberry cake, which I really like. I really like food with happy faces. Another piece of jewellery included is this deer pendant from THIS MATERIAL CULTURE, which again I really like.


This month’s stationery features a “National Pattern” envelope set (the print is quite nice), a quirky greeting card (I’m not a big fan, but I think a friend would like it) and a cat in a box?! The cat is actually a set of sticky notes who will sit in the box which you will assemble yourself. I have never seen anything like this before…it made me laugh when I saw it!


Lastly, some donut socks (quite interesting to get fashion this time around), a Sentimental Circus key cover (I have put this on my key already) and after doing some research, a Hello Kitty cable clip.


I like the majority of this month’s box. I am a big fan of Sanrio and San-x, and I thought in that June’s box there weren’t a lot of these items, so I am very happy with July’s box.


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