Super Cute Box June Edition

Super Cute Box ( is a monthly subscription box service where you receive a selection of kawaii products to your door from as little as £15 a month. The box is small and fits through your letterbox, making it an easy delivery.

The items come wrapped in pink tissue paper. On top is a welcome card and a cute photocard with ice creams on!
Inside the box, there are quite a few items included in this month’s box.
First there is this writing set from Cute Little Animal. This is the owl edition.
More stationery is included – there is a red lollipop pen, a Happy Days fineliner pen and some decorative tape.
Although I am not exactly a fan of this print, this Choochoocat sticker pack is great value. Eight sticker sheets are included so for those who like scrapbooking or personalising things, this is a great choice.
A Rilakkuma file box which you assemble yourself is a stylish way to store your things. I like this item and I have put it to good use!
As well as stationery, an ice cream charm bracelet and a DIY bracelet are also in the box.
This photocard of ice creams is quite cute!
I wasn’t initially sure what this was – I think it is some kind of metal coaster. The print is lovely.
For me, this box is a little hit and miss, which is something all subscription boxes are guilty of. I feel this edition is quite stationery based – I am not sure why two pens are included in the same box. The stickers brand isn’t something I would normally go far, so I was a little disappointed with that. The jewellery I thought was the best part of the box. I prefer more of the kawaii fashion rather than stationery. In terms of value, you do get a lot for what your pay for, but you might not like everything.

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